Thursday, August 28, 2008

Flights to Romantic Amsterdam

Tulips in Keukenhof, Netherlands

Amsterdam, the capital city of Netherlands is the the fifth busiest tourist destination in Europe. Millions of visitors come to this romantic city to experience the fun, excitement and to see the beautiful sightseeing here. Amsterdam is also called the city of festivals with around 140 festivals every year. Amsterdam is also very rich in terms of architectural history. Its oldest building called het Houten which is built around 1425 is made of wood and still exist until now. Amsterdam airport is also known to be one of the busiest airport in Europe. I guess it is also because of the cheap prices given by airlines especially the ones departing from UK.

I am planning to visit my friend in Birmingham on his birthday this coming October. She had been inviting me since last year but due to some unavoidable circumstances, I wasn't able to go. Well, my husband had accident last year so I have to take care of him. Hopefully if I am coming to Birmingham, I want to go directly to Amsterdam. I am searching now for cheap Amsterdam flights departing from Birmingham.

I just visited Directline and they offer Amsterdam flights which is really very competitive. You can even have cheaper flights if you book it earlier. With British Airlines and Aer Lingus, you can even have cheap flights due to too much competition with cheap airline companies.

You can also find cheap flights to Amsterdam from any cities in UK like East Midlands, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds Bradford and more. It is even cheaper if you leave from small airports like Nottingham, Durham Tees, Exeter, Southampton and Norwich.

How about you?? Are you visiting this beautiful and romantic city?? Who knows I might see you there!! Why not visit Directline for your cheap and direct flight from any UK airports!! Enjoy your trip!!


twinks said...

Nice photos sis..
hmmm...sana makapunta din ako dyan one day..for now, sa dam-go lang sa hahahaha..

musta na sis? have a nice monday! september na! wehehehe

Euroangel said...

elow Sis, mustamus..ok ra ko sakit na pud likod..usahay....ayo2 dinha...Ber na sis ..tugnaw na pud


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