Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dining and Listening to the Live Band in Matina Town Square, Davao City

I am back here again! Wow, I can't imagine was away here for some months. It was the fault of the long vacation I had in Asia plus the busy days I had when I returned from that trip. It was a great vacation, I would say. I enjoyed it and there are a lot of unforgettable memories I had with family and friends especially in the Philippines.

 One of the places I visited in the Philippines was Davao City. I want to thank a dear friend and former classmate back in high school and College days for her kindness and generosity. I am very grateful to you my dear friend.

During our first night in Davao City, she  brought   us to  Matina Town Square. The place was really cool especially is you love to listen to live bands.  We witnessed 2 different  groups of bands who performed live when we were there.  That   great drum machine was indeed in action that night! We enjoyed the dinner while listening to the live bands that night.

Matina Town Square, also known as MTS is dubbed as the entertainment hub of Davao City. It is a popular venue for nightly live band performances of homegrown musical artists particularly on weekends where this small complex is filled with people looking to have a good time or hang-out with friends and meet new acquaintances.

I did had a good time during our stay. If I was not so tired from the many trips I did in Asia that time, I wish to stay longer and probably drink some bottles of beer..Just kidding..hehe! I am glad to have a good time with my friends  who were also my former classmates in high school and college days.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Slowly Packing my Luggage Again

can't wait to see this paradise again!
It seems quite awhile since I was here! I am finally back! I hope your first days of April month just went great! I believed, I do! There are just a lot of things that keep me so busy these days. There are so many things I need to do before I fly again.

Yes, I am traveling again so soon. One more week to go and the greatest travel for this year 2014 is about to commence. This is also the reason why I am slowly packing my luggage. Since I am allowed to check-in 40 kilos, I need to pack 2 luggage and wanted to finish doing it before weekend comes.

Today, I started to find a dress for my mother. I am also looking for a good tuxedo for my father. I searched boys tuxedo at this site. I believed, I have more time to order it. One week is enough for delivering a good suit for my father. I want my parents to look great in their renewal of vows. They are married for 46 years now and I hope and pray that they can still celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. Bless them Lord!

I can' wait to be home soon. It has been over four long  years since I did not visited my family in my homeland. God bless my travels!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Nyhavn or New Harbour in Copenhagen, Denmark

It was a dream came true when I visited all the Scandinavian capitals last 2013. Thanks to the wonderful cruise trips I experienced last year, it did finally happened seeing those lovely capital cities in Scandinavia. One of the cities we visited was Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark.

One of the sights I experienced there was the  Nyhavn, literally known as New Harbour. I could still remember,  I and my friend had a lunch in one of the restaurants and cafes in this area.

lovely colourful  historic houses in Nyhavn or New Harbour. Taken during our visit in April 2013.

 Nyhavn is literally known as New Harbour.  It is a 17th-century waterfront, canal and entertainment district in Copenhagen. Here you can find a lot of  brightly coloured 17th and early 18th century townhouses and bars, cafes and restaurants.  The New Harbour  stretches from Kongens Nytorv to the harbour front just south of the Royal Playhouse.

It was spring season when we visited the Copenhagen. The weather was still a bit cold that time but the sun was shining so brightly. You can see it at the image I took from our visit. If you just want to relax while sipping a cup of coffee, Nyhavn is indeed a place  to go. You can sit in one of  its cafes and restaurants and also enjoy the scenery.

The Nyhavn is also  known as "heritage harbour",  where you can find many historical wooden ships at the canal.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wish to Watch an Opera in Verona

Verona Arena during our visit in July 2011.
I am trying to find some photos in my albums from Verona. I was there in summer 2011 and had the chance to see some of its sights. I traveled with my friends and we also visited other places in Italy that time.

Since our visit was limited that day, we were not able to experience an opera show. The other week, I received a travel catalog that offers trip to Verona. Included in that trip is to watch an opera in Verona Arena. Sad to say, during travel dates, we will also be in other country. If I have extra money, I rather buy an art usb phono plus to listen to songs and maybe some opera music.

I will go back to Italy again  starting next week but Verona is not included in the places to visit. Next time, I hope to watch a live opera in Verona Arena.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Excited for my First Travel this Year in Europe

Hello March! I am finally back here! I am always a busy body and I hope I have more time to give you some updates. I would love too but sometimes, my time would just not allow. The third month of the year 2014 is greeting me with a smile on its face. I am doing the same  inspite not knowing what March would bring for me.

My escapades will actually start soon. The other day, I received my travel confirmation. This is will be my first travel for this year. It was a quite a very cheap trip considering all what is included in this holiday package.  This was booked last year in November. If you book it earlier, you will have a 200 Euros discount. Imagine that! Transportation, accommodation, trips to different places and foods are included in this package. I am indeed a happy traveler when I avail of  cheap trips.

The Zeus Statue in Plaza or Piazza Sangoria in Florence, Italy. I visited this lovely city last year.

Here is the itinerary of this travel;

First Day: Bus trip from Regensburg Germany to Rimini, Italy.

Second Day:  Trip to San Marino and Santaarcangelo di Romagna.

Third Day: Trip to the Lagoon City of  Venice. My fifth visit here but still I haven't have enough of Venice. I simply love this beautiful  city.

Fourth Day: Free or rest day. Planning to go to Ravenna.

Fifth Day: Visit to the historic cities of Assisi and Perugia.

Sixth Day: Trip to the Rennaisance City of Florence. This will be my second visit in this city.

Seventh Day: Free or Rest Day. Planning to Visit Ancona or Bologna.

Eight Day: Back to Germany. Home sweet home!

I am already starting to research especially the famous sights  and  things to do when  visiting these places.  I am happy to travel again this year! Hoping for more travels to come soon!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Visiting Salzburg, the Birthplace of the Famous Composer Mozart

It great to browse some photo albums from my previous travels. It took me almost two hours seeing some pictures from Turkey, Czech Republic, Italy, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, United States of America, Canada, Lithuania, Sweden, Russia, England, Ireland and a lot more. I can't imagine traveling to over 30 countries as of now. Thanks God for the opportunity to see and experience many places and countries inspite living a simple life. Indeed, I felt blessed!

The yellow building is the birthplace of the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
It has been my wish to visit Salzburg, a beautiful city in Austria. And if you are more familiar with this city, it is also the birthplace of the famous 18th-century composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Salzburg is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 due to its internationally renowned beautiful baroque architecture. It is also one of the best-preserved city centres north of the Alps.

I have been to Salzburg for the fourth time already. I accompanied some friends in all of my visits there. One of my favorite streets in this city is the Getreidegasse, literally means the "Grain Street". This is where you can find a lot of signature shops. There is also a music house or a store that sells various music instruments. If you cannot visit Salzburg and want to buy shopping online is the best thing to do. For example, an alto sax mouthpiece from musicians friend is also a good choice if you are looking for one.

The Salzburg   Castle during my second visit in winter 2008.
Experiencing some musical shows in Salzburg  is oen of  the things I miss during  my visits. Although, I already visited it four times, we only spent a day during my visits. I hope in my next visit, I can already have some overnights there.
If you are visiting Salzburg,  don't miss  watching the famous "Sound of Music".

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Nice to Remember that Luxury Cruise in Scandinavia

It is almost a year now since the luxury cruise we had in Scandinavia. It was so far a fantastic experience joining that holiday. Some of the things I cannot forgot from that trip were the various entertainments we had every night, the foods served on their restaurants and the experience of seeing beautiful cities in Scandinavia including Oslo, Norway and Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Theatrium in Aidabella ship. This is where most of the shows and entertainments are taking place.
 One of my favorite shows at night are the live music including the singing and dancing at the Theatrium. It is in the center of the ship which can be used as a nightclub. For sure you can see some music sheet stands when the singers are performing.

I am missing that cruise so badly because of the very memorable moments I had. The fun, various cuisines I tasted, entertainments and the exciting experiences I had from that cruise holiday were simply priceless. Thanks to a dear friend who joined me during that trip, or else I won't be able to go alone. I am really thankful to her and indeed she is a great travel companion.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Shopping for Souvenirs in Budapest

It was my third visit in  Hungary's capital last December 2013 but still  I want to visit it  again. I haven't got enough  of  Budapest yet and I still want to explore it again. This city is simply amazing considering it historic sights and monuments.

View of the Parliament and the Danube River from  the Fishersman's Bastion.
Budapest, the capital of Hungary is  one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. That is not a question for me and the reason why I keep on coming back in this city.

The main reason of my third visit in Budapest was to witness its Christmas markets. Indeed, it was very interesting. During this time, you can find a lot of vendors in their kiosks and stalls selling a lot of stuffs from home decors to Christmas decors, kitchen stuffs, clothing, winter accessories, candles, crystals, woodcrafts, foods and more. I was actually looking for a table cloth linen in Budapest but due to limited time, I was not able to find it. Good to know that premiertablelinens.com is available online. I can browse it and see what I want. I want to give it as presents to my sisters when I go home for holiday this spring season.

Shopping in Budapest can be a great experience and can be fun. Go to  Pest if you are a luxury shopping.It is the most expensive part of the city. You'll find Hungarian linens and lace, pottery, and other items, in souvenir shops. Don't also miss the Great Market Hall (Nagy Vásárcsarnok) at Fővám tér. It is recently renovated markethall with essential atmosphere: You should know how to bargain if you plant to buy something.

I am  happy to  bring home again some souvenirs from Budapest. As usual, postcards and  fridge magnets are always present.

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