Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Slowly Packing my Luggage Again

can't wait to see this paradise again!
It seems quite awhile since I was here! I am finally back! I hope your first days of April month just went great! I believed, I do! There are just a lot of things that keep me so busy these days. There are so many things I need to do before I fly again.

Yes, I am traveling again so soon. One more week to go and the greatest travel for this year 2014 is about to commence. This is also the reason why I am slowly packing my luggage. Since I am allowed to check-in 40 kilos, I need to pack 2 luggage and wanted to finish doing it before weekend comes.

Today, I started to find a dress for my mother. I am also looking for a good tuxedo for my father. I searched boys tuxedo at this site. I believed, I have more time to order it. One week is enough for delivering a good suit for my father. I want my parents to look great in their renewal of vows. They are married for 46 years now and I hope and pray that they can still celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. Bless them Lord!

I can' wait to be home soon. It has been over four long  years since I did not visited my family in my homeland. God bless my travels!



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