Sunday, September 28, 2008

Prague, Czech republic

at the Old Town Square and Tyn taken by my husband

I finally visited Prague in Czech Republic. I was astound by the beauty of Prague especially its old buildings and the history it brings. Other people might not like old buildings but since I love history and historical places, I am always fascinated how the people in the old times managed to built and maintained these old buildings and bring them to life until now. I have been to some places and cities here in Europe and I would say Prague is worthwhile visiting. I will give you more updates about my experiences in my Prague. I have to get ready now for a walk with my husband. Its Sunday and that's what we usually do. I am just quite frustrated with my blackheads especially on my nose area. I have to take a quick remedy about it..

Have a great Sunday out there!! take care guys!! I'll see you again later...Don't forget to visit my other sites for more updates and photos especially about Prague!!

at St. Vitus Cathedral near the castle in taken by my husband



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