Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

Town Hall Square of Rothenburg...... in front of the Rathaus (Town Hall)...there she is striking a pose!!!

Picture taken by a friend during our escapades in Rothenburg ob der Tauber...It is also known as the Christmas city of Germany because you can find here Christmas decorations for sale all year round..I love this place too...hope to be back there next time!! oooppppsss.see those old but beautiful buildings at my back, they are so old that it really tells the history of this city!!!

The western town by Euroangel

A little info about this city courtesy of Wikipedia!! thanks for this infos dear Wiki!!

Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a town in the district of Ansbach of Mittelfranken (Middle Franconia), the Franconia region of Bavaria, Germany, well known for its well-preserved medieval old town, a destination for tourists from around the world. In the Middle Ages, it was an Imperial Free City. A significant fraction of Rothenburg is carefree.

The name "Rothenburg ob der Tauber" is actually a shortened version of "Rothenburg oberhalb der Tauber", which in German means "Rothenburg above the Tauber". This is so because the town is located on a plateau overlooking the Tauber river. As to the name "Rothenburg", some say it comes from the German words Rot (Red) and Burg (burg, medieval fortified town), referring to the red colour of the roofs of the houses which overlook the river. The name may also refer to the process of retting ("rotten" in German) flax for linen production.

Since German does not have the th-sound (as in thin), the proper pronunciation of the first syllable of the name is more or less like English rote, while -burg is similar to "burk". In IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet): [ro:tənbʊag ɔp dєr taʊba].



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