Thursday, September 25, 2008

Visit to Oktoberfest in Munich Germany

thanks to my dearest husband who became my photographer..not so bad right??

I finally visited the Oktoberfest the so-called October Feast in Munich here in Germany. There are a lot of people there especially in the night. What you can expect any with the biggest and one of the famous feast in the whole world. There are lots of beer tents, restaurants, ride and all form of fun and entertainment. I really enjoyed it. I am still hoping to be back next year. Oh well, I don't exactly know if there are commercial collection agencies in the feast..I guess not but you can check it out too..

Anyway, it is not yet too late, you can visit the Oktoberfest till next week...Please visit my other sites for more updates of the Oktoberfest...

view of the I took on top of the famous Bavaria historical building.



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