Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Advantage of Travelling with Credit Cards

photo by: Euroangel
some shopping buildings in Munich, Germany

I was browsing last time for a cheap plane ticket going to United Kingdom to visit some friends there. Of course part of the game is to really see and experience the beauty of the different cities in Great Britain. It has been my dream to visit this famous country for vacation. As I was want to check-out already for the plane ticket I had a difficulty because I don't have a credit card to pay for it. The airline company don't accept paypal payment. Thanks God that my husband already have a credit card which I use for the check-out payment. Finally I have my plane ticket going to United Kingdom!! I just forced my husband to get a credit card because it has really some advantages especially for emergencies and you can also use it anywhere like shopping online..Hmm, that's my favorite but I'm already controlling myself not to go shopping. We are planning to have a vacation in my home country next year so we need to save some money for it. I am quite excited.

Now you might know the advantage of having Credit Cards. I also believed that travelling with Credit cards is a good idea. I mean for emergencies and other stuffs like that. If you are planning to apply for credit cards, I can recommend Extra Credit Cards for you. They are not only there to give you credit cards but as well give you information and tips on how to use your credit cards wisely. What a cool site!! Happy Wednesday to all!!



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