Thursday, October 16, 2008

Babies' Travel Needs

photos by: Euroangel
The Church in Möning near Neumarkt, Germany. It is a small but nice church. I love the fresco on its ceiling!

The handsome baby of my friend who had a Christening last Oct. 5, 2008. We had a great time during the party!

Hi guys, I am back again! This is really off topic here but I just really need to share it with you especially for Mothers who have babies right now. Actually my friend who is the Mother of this baby in the picture are going for vacation to our home country in January next year. I just thought of giving maybe a crib bedding as Christmas present before they will fly. Just a little info for Mothers, please if you buy some baby bedding, be sure that you have the right one that best fit for your baby needs. I mean, you have to consider the textile of what it is made of, the color maybe or the patterns of any crib bedding. Be sure to always have the ones that is good for your baby's comfort, safety and health. I guess a crib bedding is already enough as Christmas present for my friend's baby travel needs!! I really have to sign- off now to do some household chores! Enjoy your day guys!!



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