Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm in England Now!

The famous Bridge Tower in London..I was finally here..thanks to Dae Loy for touring me here and for clicking my camera..everything is appreciated Dae Loy!

at Kensingston Palace, the House of the late Princess Diana..this Palace is now a Museum in honor of The Princess.

I am still in England. I guess I mentioned already that I arrived safely in Birmingham International Airport last Monday. Tuesday me and my friend Dae Loy, started our escapades. Rolly or Dae Loy showed and toured me in Birmingham City. That was quite a great day last Tuesday. Just the other day, that was Wednesday we went to London and also visited some interesting and historical places. We stayed there for two days and had a lot of fun. As usual a lot of walking, sometimes even running just to catch up for trains and buses. That was very tiring days but we enjoyed it. As we went walking, we run out of cash. I mean our money left was not that much. I want to buy some souvenirs too but I have Euros in my pocket. The exchange between Euros to Pounds is not that good. I changed some Euros but the exchange amount was very small. First because they Money Changer where I went into charged a service fee of 9.75% of the exchange amount plus a processing fee of 2.50 pounds. That was too much. I see the importance of having a credit card in this case. I mean using only credit cards for emergency especially when you are travelling. I hope I can get an extension from my husband next time.

Nowadays, there is also this so-called student credit card. I guess, this is of great advantage to students in times of emergency especially if they already run out of allowances. At Student Credit Cards, they offer educational information to students who might be applying for credit cards. I guess, that is a very good service so that students will be aware on how and when to use credit cards. If you need one, simply surf their site and see the difference!! Have a great weekend!!



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