Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Nouveau Riche Adventure

photo by: Euroangel

Before I start with my main topic, please allow me to share these photos which I took during the famous Oktoberfest here in Munich. This coming Sunday , October 5, 2008 will be the last day of celebration. I am quite happy having my so-called Nouveau Riche Adventure in this famous event and celebration that is held once a year in Munich. Can you imagine how many prominent and famous individuals are coming in this festival? These photos are only 2 of the tents in the Oktoberfest. One tent normally can occupy two thousand people until 10,900 people in which the biggest is the Paulaner tent!! Amazing beer celebration!!

photo by Euroangel

Let me continue with my main topic. Actually this post is not really related to travel. This time, I would like to share something about education and career. Who knows I might be able to impart some very significant information to my readers and visitors on how to become successful individuals through education. Have you heard about Nouveau Riche University?

For those who are not familiar with this new emerging online College institution called Nouveau Riche University, here is a little info about it. It is a Real State Investment College that provides online education to students and even graduates who want to pursue their education in the field of realty business. Here you can experience a dynamic and excellent learning procedures and trainings on how to become a successful Real State Investor.

If you want to know more about this interesting site you can also read some articles about them at and If ever you are really interested to attend courses at Nouveau Riche University, you can visit their college info at Become a successful Real State Investor at Nouveau Riche University and make that dream come true!!


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