Sunday, October 19, 2008

St. Peter Cathedral in Trier, Germany

This was taken in the Beautiful Romanesque west front of Trier Cathedral, the St.Peter. It is considered to be the first Cathedral in Germany. This Cathedral is full of history and is considered to be a great work of architecture.


Names: Trier Cathedral; Dom St. Peter; Trierer Dom
Highlights: Oldest church in Germany; Shrine of the Holy Robe; Romanesque architecture and tympanum; Constantinian bits; Treasury of religious art
Type of site: Cathedral; Catholic shrine
Faith: Roman Catholic
Status: Active
Dates: Built 326 AD; rebuilt 1035
Architecture: Romanesque with Gothic and Baroque
Location: Domfriehof, Trier, Germany


twinks said...

Agi pud ko diri sis..
gikapoy nako baklay oi..
lupad napud ko hehehe

Euroangel said...

hinayy ra Sis....basin matipalo ka...hahaha..mao na hinay2 basta kanunay!! ayo2


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