Friday, November 28, 2008

Don't Ever Travel To The World of Fraud and Scams

Do you wish to be a Nouveau Riche individual like Jennifer Lopez? This photo was taken in London where I met her in Madame Tussauds..wink!!

I posted in my World Wide Web Addict site this week about some scams especially on lotto frauds in the internet. This is not only lotto frauds but a lot of emails circulating in the internet telling you that you won in a certain draw, lottery, or you are an heir of millions of dollars of money of a deceased person, or some scammers telling you that they want you to be a business partner of the country you are in and a lot more of forms of fraud. How about Nouveau Riche Scam? Have you heard about this kind of scam already? Or this story is just too good to be true.

I had already encountered about Nouveau Riche Scam last month. But to my surprised, this is actually not a scam. In fact, this is all regarding a story of how to become rich! This is especially true about Nouveau Riche University which have been getting very popular nowadays. In fact the success stories behind this University was featured in Your Business At Home Magazine last January of this year. How can this be a scam when in fact they are just trying to educate people creating them to be successful individuals.

I know there are a lot of any form of scams in this world. I guess, we are even fooled sometimes by the scams of our closest friend. I mean a different form of scam or fraud like being untruthful or telling false stories of us. I'm telling you, I was once a victim and I really learned from it. That is the best thing, "Learning from Bad experiences". So my dear friends out there, Nouveau Riche Scam is not true. It is just too good to be true!! Visit their site for more stories!! How I just wish I am a Nouveau Riche so that I can travel around the world! Lastly a friendly reminder...Never travel to the world of fraud and scams!!



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