Thursday, November 20, 2008

Educational Travel

walking at Oxford Street in London where you can find the famous shops like debenhams, John Lewis (is this right) Frasers and a lot more!! thanks to my friend Rey who took this photo!! Best regards to your wifey Rey,,,hi Joy..thanks for the "Brazo de Mercedez"..that was so yummy!! love it!!

Hi guys! How are you doing? I hope everything is fine to all of you. I am not really doing good but hoping to be feeling better. I got some sore throat and went to the doctor today. Our house doctor prescribed a medicine and I immediately bought it. I am sharing something interesting today especially to those who want to pursue their career. I know this is not quite related to my main theme but sharing some good articles are sometimes excusable. Agree with me? I hope so! I guess you already know about my trip to England for three weeks. This is some sort of educational travel. Travelling is not always perfect but the most important thing is that I learned from it. The bad thing is that I don't have the time to visit Cambridge and Oxford in England where the famous universities I am dreaming to attend to are there. Cool!!..Hopefully next time again! Taking about Universities, there is a Nouveau Riche University now who have been famous already despite of being new.

This is quite a very interesting University that is offering courses from Buying and Holding to Lease Options, Tax Strategies, Wholesaling, Foreclosures and a lot more. The first I read about Nouveau Riche, I thought they are only offering Realty Investment Courses but in just a short span of time, now I knew that they are already offering a lot of diversified courses of study.

If you are dreaming to be a Nouveau Riche individual in the future, I guess going or having a College degree in a famous University is a great one. I am still dreaming to attend Nouveau Riche University. At least I am dreaming since it is one of the free thing I can have..To Dream!! How about you? Do you have a dream?? Who knows it might come true!! Take Nouveau Riche with you!! Good luck!!



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