Friday, December 26, 2008

Busy Christmas in Europe

Good day to all! Busy Christmas in Europe is finally over! I hope that you had a wonderful one. We had a great one after celebrating it yesterday with friends. It was just amazing and awesome celebration last night. The tons food were great and really taste good. As I also went last Monday in Nuremberg, there were also a lot of people there who want catch-up and see the last days of the famous Christmas market in Germany. I went with the train alone. I was watching the beautiful ceiling of the train station. It was decorated with colorful Christmas decors. I can't wait to click my camera and took some photos.

Back to the busy Christmas, I know that not all people are really happy especially if they celebrate Christmas away from home or maybe with no friends to celebrate it together. Talking about friends, I know that I have great ones. I am just pity to those people who really don't understand the real meaning of friendship. I am happy to celebrate Christmas yesterday with good friends. It was really a memorable one. Just wanted to share a bit about friends and friendship here. How would you consider a friend who gets jealous when you are with other friends traveling, go shopping or just being together? Or maybe a friend who talks too much to the point that she is making false stories of you so that you will look bad to other friends? How would you consider a friend who always lies to you or even deny you? How would you consider a friend who is claiming something that is not hers just to look great to other friends? How would you consider a friend who is a great pretender of so many things? Are those kind of attitudes you consider a true friend? or Do you think she might have problem in her thinking? I guess she have problem with self-esteem and self-worth. And I guess that people or friends like that need to have a therapy. I hope she will visit Counseling Seattle if they are going back to the States to gain a better mind and thinking. I also hope that she will be a better person next time. Pity for her. She lose a lot of true friends. Always remember people who are selfish will lose true friends. happy New year!! happy new life!!


Anonymous said...

bitaw arang ka busy sa mga mall last weekend dinhi sab mura kog malipong ni sulod sa mall sa kadaghna sa mga tawo :)

dae Ruby Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Euroangel said...

mao jud dae ethel..mao gahapon namalengke nako for new year kay kapoy kuing daghan tawo..malangan ta..happy new year!!


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