Monday, December 1, 2008

Importance of Having Credit Cards When Traveling

Tower Bridge by night in London

Hello to everyone! How did you spent your first day of December? Yeah, I know a lot of people especially the ladies and housewives are already excited when the most important celebration of the year comes. Christmas time is unstoppable now! I know most of you have already prepared your gifts. I wish you all Merry Christmas in advance!!

I would like to share today about my travel experience in England. I spent three weeks there. It is quite a long time and now I am already back home two weeks ago. Traveling with a credit cards has advantage and sometimes really help. I have no credit card since I don't work. I don't know if a credit card company will issue to somebody who doesn't have a job. Any idea? My husband got one and I truly used it during my last day of stay there. I already run-out of cash and I used his credit card for cash advance. Normally I don't need it but since the airplane left me because of some unacceptable reason which was caused by erring employees, I was forced to use my husband's credit card. I am really glad that my husband had one. I know that in times of financial emergency credit cards can truly help. I already foresee before the importance of having one. I got two credit cards before as I was still working at the bank back home. As I resigned the bank, I already surrendered all besides that I can't use it overseas.

Don't you know that there are already Student Credit Cards now. These are special credit cards which can be used by students in times of financial needs and emergencies. I first saw this at Extra Credit Cards I visited their site today. I believed students can already enjoy and concentrate in their studies with the help of student credit cards especially during immediate needs. Just a friendly reminder, never abuse its usage!! Good luck to your studies!!



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