Friday, December 12, 2008

My Euro Travel Including Tips when Traveling

Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

One of my greatest dream in life is to travel around the world. I am presently living in Europe. I have been to the different cities and countries here and I truly love it. I would say traveling is one of my passion. If I only have a lot of money or if I win in lottery, I want to travel the whole world too! I might even go for a space trip! I know this is quite weird but who knows! My dream is slowly coming true now. I know it for sure. Time to time I already visited a lot of countries here in Europe. To mentioned a few are England which I just visited last month, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Germany and some other countries around the world like United States, Singapore, Qatar and don't forget to mentioned my home country Philippines. I am still planning to visit some more places next year but I need to save money first before I can do that.

Prague, Czech Republic

I always wanted to go to Paris in France or Rome in Italy. I had been to Paris but in Las Vegas and to Caesars Palace which also resembles Rome. I had a lot of fun during my two months vacation in the United States wherein I stayed most of the time in Las Vegas. If you want to know more about my escapades in the United States, simply visit my site, Travel and Discover USA. I guess it is a good one especially the photos I got there.

During my travel, I already learned a lot of things. The important tips and information always reminds me of what to do before and during my travel. I don't want to commit the same mistakes and bad experiences that I had before. It is simply saying there is no such thing as perfect but at least from the experiences that we had before we learned the lessons. That is the most important thing.

One very important tip before you travel is to consider the financial aspect of it. Unless you have a lot of money then it is not a problem. How much you have to pay for the fare and the cost of the hotel you are planning to stay-in and other miscellaneous expenses. Remember to have some extra money during emergency.

Nowadays you can already search for different sites in the internet regarding low fares and cheap hotels around the world. One of the great site to visit is Hotels Combined. They just simply help you find the cheapest hotel anywhere in the globe. I just browsed their site regarding the cheapest hotel in Paris. I found one which cost for as low as 23 Euros. That is not bad. In fact it is very cheap! I hope to visit Paris by early next year.

The last tip I can give you is to book your dream holiday earlier. This is to avoid stress and hassle before traveling. It help you avoid having wrinkles too!! I wish you a safe and sound trip!! Have fun!
photo taken in Yorkshire, England last month



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