Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Travel tips and Infos

photo taken in Nuremberg Christmas market last Monday. I went there alone and have fun too!!

Merry Christmas to everyone!! It is around 5:30 pm here in Europe, Berlin time. I am finally done with all the cooking for tonight. But there will be another party in a friend's house tomorrow and I still have to cook a cassava cake and a sweet and sour shrimps. I love these food. I also cooked my favorite Filipino foods like adobo, menudo apritada and bola-bola (ground pork with tomato sauce). Enough with these delicious food (I'm just getting hungry again) because I have to share some tips here about traveling. There is also a new site named who can give you a lot of important and useful tips when you travel.

I already learned a lot during my travel here in Europe and the United States and some parts of Asia. Sometimes we have to know the different useful information before we travel a certain place. Avoiding Holiday Emergencies are one of the lists. Just like me I always see to it that I always have travel insurance before I travel. It is really very important.

Taking for example in my home country Philippines, wherein our house is just some meters away from the beach, knowing about Beach Safety is a must. Everytime I go home there for vacation, I am always prepared during emergencies when swimming. I truly miss home especially this Christmas! Always have a safe and sound trip. For more useful infos, please visit Safe Holidays site!!



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