Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wish to Go Back in the University

It is winter again. Per my previous post, you might probably know that it was snowing very hard yesterday evening here in our place. As we went today to the nearest furniture store in our place, the surroundings are filled with snow. was really freezing cold outside. I got a special topic for you tonight before I sign-off. I just need to sign-off early because I am not really feeling good today. My topic is especially about education including myself. I guess this is a relevant topic regarding my life and adventure here in Europe especially in Germany. This is also a good info for those who have plans to live and study here. Let me start now.

My classmates in German language course. search for me in this photo! we are having a Christmas party here last 2006.

Last year, I had all my school credentials evaluated here in Germany. I had a plan to go back to school here. Per evaluation of Zeugnisannerkenungsstelle (this is a government office that evaluates school records) in Munich I can go to any University in Germany. The bad thing is that my College degree back in the Philippines is not recognized here. The worst thing is that my work experiences too are not recognized. Another worst thing is that I need around one thousand hours to learn perfect German language before I can choose a certain course of study. I know basic German language but I need to have the highest level called C1 and what I have is only B1 before I can select a certain course in the University. The second thing is that I don't have the money to finance my study which is also expensive here. What I did was that I only attended a Finazbuchhaltung course or Financial Accounting course which is related to my degree back home. It is a special class which is offered in the evening. I finished the first Level and hopefully next summer I want to take the second level already. I hope I can save some money to pay for my study.

In the United States, I also know that going to the University is not cheap. You have to spend thousands of money for that. But the people especially the students are lucky because they can apply for Private Student Loans. This is what IS Student Loan is offering. If you need financial help for your study you can visit their site or simply contact them. Also try to see their FAQ for more infos! Always remember "Education is a wealth that can never be taken and stolen from you". Good luck!



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