Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Beautiful Hohenfels, Germany

The bird's eye view of Hohenfels during summer time. I went up on the hill where the castle remains of Schlossberg is found as I took this photo last August 2008. That tallest yellow building is the beautiful St. Ullrich Church.

I am featuring Hohenfels in almost all of my sites today. Feel free to visit my other sites to see more photos of this lovely place. I would only say, Hohenfels is where I found my second home and it is truly a beautiful and peaceful twon!!

here is a little info about Hohenfels courtesy of Wikipedia

Hohenfels is a municipality in the district of Neumarkt in Bavaria in Germany. The town is host to the Joint Multinational Readiness Center (formerly the Combat Maneuver Training Center [CMTC]), and the U.S. Army Garrison Hohenfels, an American military base used for training of NATO and U.S. allied nations' armed forces.

the beautiful fresco inside the Church! I really admired how the painters, artists, designers and architects of this Church truly made this building a very unique and beautiful one!! I love most especially its beautiful ceiling!! truly amazing!!


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