Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Love Hohenfels

This is entrance of the Church. You can also see above the Organ in the middle. This is where the Choir also stays during the mass. Look at that beautiful ceiling!!..I love it and truly admired the artist who did it. If I am not mistaken, the famous Asam Bros. painted the ceiling of this Church.

Time passes by so quickly. I will be turning 6 years living in this beautiful and small town of Hohenfels here in Germany. I already consider this place my second home and I truly love it. There might not be a lot of shopping escapades here and I find it good for saving money. I need to be frugal this year anyway..hehehe..

This afternoon I met this very nice guy named Ryan in St. Ullrich Church here in Hohenfels. I did not wonder anymore why he is also taking pictures of the Church especially the beautiful fresco on the ceiling. This Church's painting on its ceiling are truly amazing. I salute and give respect to the people who made this Church during the 1700. Truly an amazing great work of art!! Feel free to visit my Travel and Explore Germany site , Euronagel Graffiti site and my other sites as well for more photos and updates.

What else can I say, just like Ryan, "Hohenfels is truly beautiful!!



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