Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Want my Own Domain In This Site

How are you doing guys? I am doing fine but only a bit tired. The weather now in the country where I live here in Europe is getting really cold. Imagine a sub zero temperature from negative three until negative twenty degree centigrade? It is really freezing cold! This the reason why I just stay at home and do some things. It is good for me because I can't go shopping..hehe! guess I need to save some money for next vacation or probably for buying a domain for this site. How about that idea guys? Before I do that, let me tell you first where this photo was taken. This was taken during my visit to London last October and November last year. This was in "The Believe it or Not Museum". It was really cool there even I did not have the chance to really go inside the museum where there are a lot of things that are unbelievable. But at least I have some idea when I saw it in the entrance..In fact they have some things to see there, where you can also say"Are these things true"??..Really cool! I can't hardly believe it.

Back to the main topic.. As you can see guys, this site still don't have its own domain name. I am really planning to purchase one but can't find the cheapest on the net. I still even have other sites that needs to have its own domain names . I will slowly buy some in the near future. For as low as 2.97 pounds per year. This is the cheapest so far that I found in the net. I guess blogosphere is getting a better place to enjoy now. This is simply because of UK's cheapest domain name pricing. The best with it is that everything you want is already included in the package. Isn't it great guys!! watch out for the domain name of this site!! I have to think and consider the best name first. Any idea?? thanks in advance!


Lutchi said...

Thanks for the hopped girl. Happy New year sab.


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