Saturday, January 24, 2009

London Shopping

Hi to everyone! How was your Saturday? I hope you had a great one! I am talking about London tonight. I know a lot of people around the world have been dreaming to visit this famous capital city of England. If you go to London, you can't really say that you will not shop for anything. I even told that to myself but it didn't work. In fact some of my things were left in a friend's house because I already had overweight luggage. There are a lot of shopping malls here and you might be tempted just like me to shop. See the background in my photo? this is John Lewis, one of the famous shopping getaway in London. I believed for sure that they owned a business insurance in this huge business venture. Let me know guys if I am wrong. I might see you on Monday again! bye bye for now!!


koala said...

London is in my top 3 cities list. But as for shopping I prefer the go deeper in England. Same stores, less rush, fewer crowd... unless we're talkin Camden &/or Soho


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