Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Luggage for My Travel

I just remember my three weeks vacation to England last year. It was a fantastic and memorable one. I just have some problems especially about the check-in Luggage. The airline allows about 4 luggage for checking in but only with a total of 15 kilos. What happened as I went home was that I left some clothes and other stuffs in my friend's house. I was even planning to buy a Designer Luggage with the hope that I can bring it home. Due to overweight in my luggage, I wasn't able to do so.

I am also planning to buy a new luggage for short trips anywhere here in Europe. Usually in the airport they have that standard size for carry on luggage. I found a perfect size and color at Hartman Luggage. The Hartman Startum Mobile Tote is the one I like. It has a push-button locking handle system, durable in-line skate wheels, roomy front compartment, main compartment features two elastic pocket (which I love most) and with TSA lock. Such a perfect gadget for short trips and travel.

I found more style, designs, sizes and brands at Vera Bradley Luggage. I will see if I can get a Vera Bradley Signature Luggage 17" Tote. I also love its black color. I already have a lot of luggage but everytime, I go home for vacation my sisters always took it. I guess I need some new ones too once my vacation back home will materialize this summer or latest this year's Christmas time. I simply want to spend Christmas at home.

This photo taken above was in Birmingham. This is the famous two decked buses in England. I cannot count how many times I rode in this bus during my three weeks stay there. I have to sign-off now guys..I'll see you tomorrow again!!



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