Thursday, January 29, 2009

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since I started writing about Las Vegas in my previous post here, let me share again another experience that I had in Las Vegas. It was a dream come true when I visited Las Vegas. I really thought that it was only a dream but it did happened. That is the reason why I always love to dream because little by little my dreams are slowly coming true. As you know Las Vegas has really a lot to offer to its visitors. Some of these are its shows, entertainments, shopping, restaurants and more.

I was very lucky that I was able to watch one of Las Vegas Shows which is Elton John and The Red Piano. I am a fan of Elton John and I love his songs and melodies. He performs in the famous Colosseum in Caesars Palace. It was really a great experience watching your idol live on stage and I was greatly honored to be one of his audience. It was a very memorable moment watching an amazin performance of an amazing singer, artist and performer. Elton John is truly a legend and I am very proud to watch him performed last June 2008 during my 2 months vacation in the United States. I love his song entitled "Candle in the Wind" which he also sung during Lady Diana's burial ceremony. Watching him in Las Vegas is truly an unforgettable moment in my life!! great experience!!

The evidence that I was truly there is the above photo which was taken in Caesars Palace..

a photo of an advertisement about Elton John and the Red Piano which I took at Ballys hotel during my two months vacation in the United States wherein I stayed most of the time in Las Vegas.



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