Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Was in Birmingham

Good evening to everyone. Household chores were finally done. I also watched tv for some minutes. But since my husband need to go to sleep, I turned it off already. I don't want to go down to the living room to finish that good movie in the television. What I did was sitting in front of my computer and here I am sharing a photo from Birmingham. This is the big Bull in Bullring Mall in Birmingham. Have you been there?I believed this huge bull is the symbol of that mall and it is where it got its name..interesting!!

Plan to go for a vacation or a nice holiday somewhere? If you have to ask me? Oh yes, that is always in my mind. In fact, I always have some vacation catalogs and advertisements in the side of my computer table. I always love to go when time and finances are there....I guess I'm mistaken...sorry guys...I mean I always have the time but finances need to go first to more important things than vacation. So what's really the deal? Actually we are planning to have a vacation in my home country this year. I miss the beaches there. There are a lot of spas and resorts in the Philippines too. After this vacation back home, I am also planning to go to Casa Colonial Beach & Spa Resort in Dominican Republic. I can't wait to visit more places especially the very interesting ones. wish me luck!! hope you have fun here watching my adventure photos!!


PING_TM said...

Hallu mam! Gi add na tika sa ako blog list. Pero sensha na kani ra na blog ako gi add kay mag baha na ang lista nya naa pud uban magpa add nya dili na makita ila link. lo0ran baya ni cla.hehe

Thanks! ^_^


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