Saturday, February 28, 2009

I was in Disneyland

Have you been to any Disneyland Resort? I want to say first, hello everybody! hope you are having a great start of the weekend! I have to finish this post as soon as possible because I still have to prepare our dinner. It is 6:00 pm already. Sorry if I have to deviate with my Euro travel now to share about Disneyland in California. I was there last year. I knew that there are also Disneyland in Europe like in Paris which I am wishing to visit next time. During our three days stay in California we stayed at Anaheim California hotel which is located very near to Disneyland. The room rate was very affordable and we had a huge room that time with 3 beds. That was a great adventure in Disneyland California..see my photo!! have a great evening to all!! take care guys!!


EditorPinoy said...

WOW! dream namo sa ako asawa! hayahaya nimo mam oi! ^_^ Nice photo! ^_^ Disney Tokyo or Hongkong lang nya mi puhon kay mas do0l pinas.haha TC and God bless always! ^_^

Anonymous said...

I dream to go to Disneyland in California.Hope it will come true.

Euroangel said...

Hi Herald..thanks sa sige lang uy, makaadto ra gihapon ka diri na lugar puhon,...ayo2 kanunay!!

Hi don't worry keep dreaming and it will come ture like I

uki thefenomenal said...

its a great place


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