Thursday, February 12, 2009

Plan To Go on Vacation?

Are you planning to go for vacation or holiday? Did you already find the right place to spend for it? These are only some of my questions guys. Before I sign-off for tonight, let me tell you about one of the places I dream to go. I always dream before to go and visit the United States. I am telling you guys, this dream materialized. I was there last year and truly enjoyed my two months vacation. The sad thing, I was not able to go to different States there. I only stayed most of the time in Las Vegas and some days in California. I did consider to visit Florida, Colorado, Texas, Montana and some other States..But it did not materialized. Not so bad, at least I experienced what life is in the US. Hopefully next time, I can visit any of these States especially Montana and wish to stay in any Montana Resorts.

I just travelled online and saw Glacier National Park Lodging. There location is simply amazing. As I look at the photos where the lodge is located, it make me feel excited seeing the very beautiful scenery in its surroundings. I love those mountains, the trees around and the most thing I admired is the lake that is located near the lodge. I always miss home when I see body of water like this. The lakes, rivers and the beaches make me feel at home.

I believed National Park Resort Lodge is one one of the nicest place to stay in Montana. I also love their lovely and unique rooms especially the Tipis. Wish to stay there if ever our vacation will come push through. Why don't you consider this place if ever you plan to go on vacation?? I wish you an enjoyable and exciting trip. Time for signing off now! see you again tomorrow.

opppss..forgot to mentioned where this photo of mine was taken. It was in Eibsee, this place too!!



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