Thursday, January 14, 2010

Remembering Manchester, England

I just remembered my trip with a friend in Manchester, England last year. I wish to see Manchester United, a soccer football team in this city but there was no enough time. This photo was taken in one of their souvenir shop where I also bought some things including a travel book and some postcards about Manchester....sad to say it was left in Birmingham because I had excess luggage already. I hope you had a great weekend!!

Last but not the least, I guess I am going to the United States again by March. My sisters might be inviting me for a very important occassion. My sister in Las Vegas also told me that they might bring me in Waterworld in Orlando, Florida. I guess it is time to find for some cheap hotels in orlando. Booking a hotel in advance can sometimes be very cheap especially if they have some promos. This only my travel tip for today.

One last thing, you might wonder why I don't often update my blogs? I am still on vacation in my home country. We are in Makati right now and staying in one of the cheap hotels in this financial capital district of the Philippines. see you later guys!



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