Friday, March 20, 2009

500 Euro Bills

Anybody there needs money? I have here two 500 Euro bills where I took some photos as remembrance before I sent it in good hands. Anyway if you need some money, I might help you a bit.I can't give you money but I can refer something to you . You also don't have to worry because I am included in the list of those who need money...hehehe! Can somebody lend me some monies? just kidding guys. Actually these are the money I save to pay as investment back home. I sent it home to pay a parcel of lot. Of course that parcel of lot cost more than this money but as a partial payment for investment is not that bad I guess.

I am happy to share this photo especially to those who have not seen yet 500 Euro bills. You can see in the photo the front and the back sides of the bill.
For those who need some money immediately, I can refer a site that offers cash advance loan to help you solve your financial problems. Just leave a comment guys! I will share next time more photos about different Euro bills. Is that okey for now? Have a great weekend ahead.


EditorPinoy said...

pareha jud tag plano mam.hehe pero mao lage mahal na pud au yuta sa cebu labi na sa syudad. mao na mahagbung na kung ngita mi sa ako spouse affordable yuta sa cebu, naa na sa minglanilla, lapu2x, lilo-an, wala na sa syudad.hehe anyways, nice imo plano mam. invest yuta!hehe

Euroangel said...

elow higala..mao jud ni maayo himuon karun..investment...krisis ra ba ang kalibutan..thanks a visit!1 tc


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