Friday, March 27, 2009

Blog and Share About your Travel

We are finally done with dinner. A salmon fish baked in butter with pepper, garlic salt and Parmesan eaten with rice and sliced tomato is good every Friday especially when you are fasting. Anyway, I am especially sharing about blogging your travel and adventures. As of now, there are millions of bloggers around the world. Some share about their lives, hobbies, jobs, fashion, etc. If you have to ask about me, I have a lot blogs already as you can see. Just navigate my header and you will be there.

I share travel photos through blogging. This is where I also share my personal experiences, thoughts, ideas and opinions. Nowadays there are already a lot of blogging platform. Some are old ones and some new ones are still existing. One of this is jurnl. I visited their site and I am convinced that it is also a good one. I am even planning to make another blog with this platform. One of the best features of this site is that, it is also asocial network where you can connect with old friends or simply meet new friends.

I can't wait to share more travel photos in this blogging platform. Watch out for my new photos in Paris, France next week! Have a lovely weekend to all! By the way, don't forget to join jurnl. I'll see you there!



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