Saturday, March 14, 2009

Buckingham Palace in London, England

Have you been to Buckingham Palace in London, England? I thought I can just see Buckingham Palace in a picture but I was there last year. Thanks to a fried Dae Loy for touring me in England. I tell you guys going to UK is not a cheap trip. When you have to compare Sterling pounds compare to Euro currency, the first one has a higher value. As of today 1 sterling pound is 1.07956 Euros. I believed pounds currency is getting lower now. During my vacation in England last year, I used to exchange Euros to Sterling pounds. As far as I can remember 1 sterling pound was around 1.35 Euros that time.

I just want to give you some tip when exchanging money in England especially in London. Be careful with the Money changers because they are charging you some percentage for service charge when you exchange your money to pounds which I did not expected. As I asked how much they change for my 100 Euros, I only received around 65 Euros because they said they charged for extra service charge for each transaction. Let say 100 Euros converted to pounds if the conversion rate is 1.00 SP : 1.35 Euros..with my 100 Euros, I should received 74.07 sterling pounds. The lady in the counter did not mentioned that they are charging extra service charge. I did not expect it because everytime I change my money in the Postbank, they won't charge me for any extra service charge so I did not bother to ask the Money Changer. Oh well, at least I learned from that experience. Besides that I really need Pounds that time because I already run-out of it. I would suggest that you better change your money in the Postbank in England. I forget about conversion rate optimization at that time because I badly needed Sterling pounds currency.One of the gates in Buckingham Palace in London. photo taken by the author of this blog during her vacation in England last year.



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