Friday, March 27, 2009

Talking About Travel and Camping

I am wide away from home now! We are going to Paris tomorrow. Just today we went to Zweibrucken Designer Outlet to go shopping. It was a great day after spending hundreds of Euros for shopping again! I am just gathering some stuffs for giving as gifts when I go home for vacation this year. We are staying in a friend's house now in Ramstein and enjoying seeing friends again. I also had a conversation with my close friend last night about camping. They will be backed to the US in 2011. They love camping and outing. I guess rv park nc is a great place for them to spend camping.

I haven't been yet in nc rv parks. I might visit this place once I will go back again to the United States next time. It is not only a camping place but also a place to have fun. Their various amenities like bingo hall, swimming pool and jacuzzi, game room, nature trails and a lot more will surely give tourists, campers and visitors satisfaction and enjoyments. If you want to go travel and camping, find the best place to stay at nc rv parks.

I want to refer rv park north Carolina to my friends in the US. Ok guys, I will give you more updates after our trip in Paris. I am quite excited now because it is my first time to visit this famous city. Have a great weekend in advance!

photo taken in Piccadilly Circus, London last Oct. 2008



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