Thursday, April 23, 2009

Experience United Kingdom!

There are a lot of interesting cities and places in Europe. I believed each country in Europe has each own beauty and has something to offer to its visitors. I have been to some of these interesting cities. You can browse this site if you want to know. Planning a holiday is sometimes very stressful especially if you don't have enough funds. The best thing to do is plan it ahead of time and look for the cheapest holidaycheapest holiday or accommodation that you can find. There are a lot now in the net. I am doing the same.

photo taken in front of the City hall in Manchester, trip!

For example if you want to go to England, you can find in every cities a good place to stay. Considering cheap hotels in manchester, there are a lot if you just know where to find it. I was also in Manchester last year during my three weeks England trip. It is also a city worthy of visiting. Sad to say, I was not able to see Manchester United playing soccer.

United Kingdom is big. I also want to go to Edinburgh last time but there is no more enough time to go there. I need to find a very affordable edinburgh accommodation the next time, I will visit this city. Don't forget to visit Cheaper Than Hotels in finding the cheapest accommodation all over the world!



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