Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm Voting for the European Parliament Election

Around three weeks ago, I received a so-called "Amtliche Wahlbenachrichtigung", German words which means in English an "Official Entitlement to Vote". This is my first time to vote in the European Parliament being a German citizen now. I am quite optimistic for the incoming voting. Just the other night, I was watching some candidates on a German TV Channel about their platforms and plans if ever they will be voted for the European Parliament. The voting will take place here in Germany on June 7, 2009. This is only an election for German candidates who will represent Germany in the European Parliament. I am already eyeing somebody as my candidate. I will let you know more about European Parliament Election in my Travel and Explore Germany site. How about a topic for insurance lead generation? We are already paying a lot of insurances here in Germany so I guess it's enough for now! More updates tomorrow!


Rosa said...

yay! expensive ba jan sis?


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