Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Importance of Mobile When Travelling

Travelling now is also getting high-tech. How can you imagine travelling during the stone age by only walking, riding a horse or camel or by wooden balsa? For those who don't know the meaning of "balsa", it simply means a raft or float that is made of wood or any material. How can you tell your family or relatives from far countries if there is no modern and fast communication like we have now in the form of mobile telephone, internet, pager and the like that you can't come anymore due to some unavoidable circumstances? Can you simply imagine living in those primitive times. I guess I can't! We are very lucky now that we already have all the modern technology and equipments that make our living very easy and convenient. Thanks also to the services provided by House4Cell where we can connect with anybody through text messaging and other services about communication.

I am sharing now an experience about my travel in England last year. This was a sad experience because I also lost time and money from it. It happened in Birmingham Airport when I should be going home back to Germany. I went their earlier. My luggage were already checked and I am already in the boarding area after some security inspections. At that time that I am about to board in the airplane, the crew of the Ryan Air won't let me board because I bought some stuffs from the Duty free. I also saw some passagers who were bringing the same things. The very unfriendly and terrible crew told me that I had a lot. I had a required weight and I believed that buying some 3 chocolate bars from Duty Free are allowed also as hand carry. In short, I was left by the airplane and have to bought a new ticket going back to Germany. This was the worst customer service I ever had during my travel.

Im just thankful that I brought with me my two cellphones and immediately called my husband that I am not coming that day. Imagine my husband have to drive five hours just to pick me up in the airport in Hahn, Frankfurt. That is around 10 hours back and forth. He also lost a lot of time and money because the gasoline for our car was also very expensive that time. What's the lesson I get here. I guess I am not doing it again. I mean getting a cheap plane ticket but also spending a lot for gasoline in driving to the airport. One more thing, always have your mobile or cellphone with you if ever there are emergencies that happened during your travel. The question is, do you own a cellphone or know a Mobile Marketing who can help you?

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