Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Euro Travel in Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt is considered to be the Manhattan of Germany. It is Germany's financial and transportation centre. You can see in this city a lot of banking and financial institutions that also make it as the financial centre in continental Europe. You can see some skycrapers in my picture here. For more information about Frankfurt' famous skycrapers, please continue to read below. courtesy of Wikipedia..

Frankfurt is the only German city with a significant number of skyscrapers, meaning buildings at least 150 metres tall. There are ten buildings, with two more (Opernturm, 170 m and Tower 185, 185 m) currently under construction. Only Bonn has also one building (Post Tower, 163 m) over 150 m. Most of the skyscrapers in Frankfurt are located in the western part of the city centre known as Bankenviertel. The tallest skyscrapers in Frankfurt are:

* Commerzbank Tower, 259 m — Europe's tallest building (1997–2003), Headquarters of Commerzbank.
* MesseTurm, 257 m — Europe's tallest building (1990–1997).
* Westendstraße 1, 208 m — Headquarters of DZ Bank.
* Maintower, 200 m — Headquarters of Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen with an observation deck open to the public.
* Trianon, 186 m — Headquarters of DekaBank.
* Silver Tower, 166 m — Germany's tallest building (1978–1990), Headquarters of Dresdner Bank.
* Plaza Büro Center, 159 m — Germany's tallest building (1976–1978).
* Deutsche Bank I, 155 m — Headquarters of Deutsche Bank.
* Deutsche Bank II, 155 m — Headquarters of Deutsche Bank.
* Skyper, 154 m.



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