Friday, May 1, 2009

Planning For A Summer Vacation

Travel, trips, vacation, holiday! these are all the words that I always wanted! Are you planning for a summer vacation somewhere out there? If you ask about me, yes I am! If you haven't decide yet which city or country to go, a beautiful and interesting place in Central America is one of the best choice. How about Costa Rica! I haven't been yet in Costa Rica. This is one of the places in South and Central America that I am wishing to visit. I simply want to have adventure in this place and explore this beautiful country. Of course, we always need a place to stay when we plan to visit there. How about staying in a Costa Rica resort. I just visited Flor Blanca, a site which provides everything about your Costa Rica vacation. You better visit their site before you plan for a holiday in Costa Rica. I miss home as I see the beautiful beaches in Costa Rica..what a truly rich coast!!



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