Monday, August 31, 2009

Dining and Travelling Goes Together

I am almost signing-off. Before I do that let me share first this photo taken during my vacation in England last year. As you can see the big name here "The London Bridge Underground Station", you will be amazed with the engineering that they made here especially the Underground Train Station. They call the train there "tube". I can't imagine how many people commute in London's tube everyday.

Anyway I am also sharing about dining and travelling here. For sure when you travel you would also like to taste the delicacies of a certain place or city which I always do. One thing I just can't eat was the snails served in Paris, France. Sorry guys, I just can't swallow that food. Before I forget, if you are also looking for a great Chain Restaurant Franchise, might be the answer to your needs. My Mother have been dreaming of having her own bakery and restaurant but due to health reasons, she can't do it anymore. Who knows I am her successor of making that dream come true. I love dining and cooking too. I felt hungry now after reading cinnamon raisin bread and cinnamon rolls at Grains of Montana. I want to visit this restaurant once I visit Montana in the future. Visit their site if you are planning to have a restaurant and bakery of your own! Have a yummy evening!



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