Sunday, August 9, 2009

Euro Travel in Jura Volksfest in Neumarkt id Opf, Bavaria, Germany

As we were taking our brunch this morning since we already woke-up late, we decided to go to the Jura Volksfest Parade in Neumarkt i.d. Opf., a city in Bavaria, Germany. My husband asked me what time I want to leave because the parade starts at 2PM. I told him that around 12:45 pm, we live the house then so that we can also find a good parking place for our car. This city is around 30 to 40 minutes drive from where we live depending on the traffic.

After we took our brunch, I still did some things and around 12:45 pm exactly, my dear hubby already called me that we are leaving soon. You know women, sometimes it takes too long to dress up if not doing other things. We ended up leaving at 1:00 PM. Good to know, we still found a park place which is around 5 minutes walk to the Altstad or old city of Neumarkt. We were amazed because there were a lot of different groups who participated the parade. In fact the lady standing right next to us told us that around 120 groups participated during the Jura Volksfest Parade today.

I always visit the Jura Volksfest or Jura Public Festival every year but this is the first time that I witnessed the parade. It was fantastic seeing participants with different colourful costumes, horse carriage that are also decorated, Trachten or German National costumes with different colors and designs, different bands who played traditional music and modern ones, acrobats of different kinds, animals of some kinds, young and old participants with their own motives and a lot more! here are some photos which my husband took today. Feel free to visit Explore Germany site for more photos and updates! It's time to say goodnight!

the colourful Trachten or National costume worn by a group of participants.
here is another float with a man playing a German music instrument...and that's me of course showing evidence that I was really there..wink!
another beautifully decorated float here.


Jane said...

Looks like you had a great time, very colourful costumes and houses. Thanks for sharing:)

Reader Wil said...

Great photos of a nice festival! Thanks for your comments on Belgium and hostas. Only Belgium is not a city; it's a country, a nation, a kingdom like my country. I live in the Netherlands.
Have a great week.


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