Monday, August 3, 2009

I Miss Calling Home

Living abroad and being away from my family is not an easy situation. I miss home, that is very true and I can't deny it. I have been to some cities in Europe from Prague to London, Salzburg, Paris, Munich, Vienna and many more but I can say, " there is still no place like home." I always wanted to contact my family back home in the Philippines but due to high cost of long distance call, I seldom do it . I guess not anymore because I found cheap calls from Germany to the Philippines.

I can still remember the first time I stepped in Germany in 2003 and called my family in the Philippines. My husband was shocked because a 30 minute long distance call to the Philippines cost around 100.00 Euros. It was very expensive! Since that time, I seldom call home. I guess now, it's not a problem any more. We can get in touch with our friends and family anywhere around the world with cheap long distance call from Call2Abroad. I just checked this site and found out that calling to the Philippines cost only between €0.15 to €.017. This is incredibly cheap.

Ok guys, I can't wait to long now because it's been a while that I did not contact home. I really have to call my sister because they are now in Manila for an interview tomorrow in German Embassy. I wish to call her and give her some information about the interview. Have a great week to all! I can't wait to see you coming to Germany my dear sister!



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