Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Euro Travel in Falkenhof Schloss Rosenburg in Bavaria, Germany

This should be posted last night but it seems that blogger is having an error everytime I press post..Here it is now! The Falkenhof Schloss Rosenburg is located on hill in the town of Riedenburg in the state of Bavaria, Germany. If I have to translate the German word Falkenhof, it came from two words Falken and Hof. The first word means means Falcon or hawk and the latter means yard or farm. Schloss is a German word which means Palace. This palace was built around 1200 and was the home of the counts and earls of this place. It is said that the counts and earls of this palace before love hunting and they used birds of prey for hunting. As we went to this castle last August 1, 2009 we witnessed a bird show and that was really amazing. Now this castle has become a bird sanctuary and became a Hunting Museum. I hope to share more stories and information in my Explore Germany site.

that's me striking a pose in the castle's courtyard.



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