Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Euro Travel in Gaeubodenvolksfest in Straubing, Germany

Yesterday was such a wonderful day and a perfect weather as the Gaeubodenvolksfest is celebrated in Straubing, a city in Bavaria, Germany. Before we went to the festival site, we go around first to the "Altstadt" or old city of Straubing. I saw again a lot of historical buildings, monuments, churches and architectures which I love. After spending around two hours in the old city, we proceeded to the festival which is around ten minutes walk from the old city.

At the festival, there is also a show that is going on until today. It is called the Ostbayernschau. Here you can see a lot of stuffs that are for sale and being displayed. There are some companies that sell motorhome, household supplies and equipments, garden machines, hardware products, cars, motorcycles, handmade products, horse accessories, clothes and a lot more.

This festival is considered to the second largest public festival in the state of Bavaria, Germany. There are also beer tents, a lot of games and entertainments, food kiosks, variety of rides like ferris wheel, free fall, helicopter, octopus and a lot more. That was a very interesting festival in Straubing which will last until tomorrow. Here are some photos I have from yesterday's weekend escapades. Feel free to visit my other blogsites especially the Explore Germany site for more photos and updates.

inside one of the beer tents. I can't imagine how the people can drink beer with the heat yesterday. At least they had fun!

some rides that you can see in the festival

that crown is made of wheat..very interesting!


koala said...

I almost went to Bavaria this holiday but opportunity took me somewhere else.


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