Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Big And Tall People in Tillyfest Festival in Breitenbrunn

Good morning everyone! How are you doing? I hope you have a good start of the day. This post is a continuation of what I had written about Tillyfest in Breitenbrunn. As what I had mentioned last Sunday, this festival is held every year in this municipality. I also forgot to mentioned that I saw big and tall people there who participated during the parade. I can't imagine the Big and Tall Clothes that they wore last time. If you click the pictures I had below, you will see it better how these people look like. There were other guys who wear Big and Tall Clothing and costumes that time but I still need to download the pictures. I hope I can share it next time.

In the second photo I got here, I just forced my husband to take a photo for me together with this very tall guy. The festival was very interesting. You can also witness how people live during the Medieval time. It's like experiencing another historic event. Since yesterday, it has been raining in our place. We are also lucky because the weather last Sunday was very friendly. The breeze was getting cold that time and sometimes comes the sunshine. I am thankful that I brought with me my jacket or else I might get frozen and might get sick too. Hopefully next year, we will see again some participants of the parade who will be wearing Big and Tall jackets. More updates to come later. I'm getting ready to cook for lunch now! Have fun watching the photos here!

The Monk who participated during the parade. I also love that huge horses with carriage.

This very tall man is so amazing! He is also very friendly! I can't imagine how he stayed tall like that without any difficulty!
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The participants during the parade also had a lot of fun!



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