Friday, September 18, 2009

Traveling with the Train in Europe

Anybody who want to ride a train in Europe? This question is address to friends who have not ride a train yet. This is also address to my sisters who want to ride a train in Europe. I am just sad after knowing last week that my sister's visa application was denied. I really felt bad about it because we already plan for some trips and also plant to visit the biggest festival in the world, the famous Oktoberfest in Munich. All the plans turned to ashes. The German Embassy in Manila is afraid that my sister will not go back home anymore and was afraid if my sister will stay and find a job in any European countries. For goodness sake, why she won't go back when I am already here in Europe and can't find a decent job even with all my job experiences plus a bachelor's degree that I had back home. I have to go back in school again because everything is not acknowledged here. Sometimes I also felt bad about it but what can I do.

I guess, it is better to hear the train signal and go travel anywhere in Europe when finances are available. The other night I was discussing again with my husband about going back to school. I am planning to study and make a practicum as Nursing Aid or maybe as a nurse. That is not really what I want because I love computers and have really great interest about IT courses. After I will spend my vacation back home this year, I already want to finalize what will I study, IT or in Medical or Health field? I know that there are a lot of IT courses online that I can find. CBT Planet for example is offering various computer courses online.

Finally for my main topic, traveling with the train can sometimes be very cheap compared to driving your own car. For example in Germany, there is a so-called weekend specials for only 35 Euros for up to 5 adult passengers. This ticket is called Schoenes Wochenende which is valid for one day and can be use to ride trains anywhere in Germany. We already tried it a lot of times and it worked. Next time, I want to try this so-called ICE or Inter City Express train. They said that you are like riding an airplane with this kind of train. This photo was taken in Munich, Germany during our trip by train to Salzburg in Austria last 2007. That was fun!



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