Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Travelling While Studying

Am I right with my title? Before I discuss with this topic, I would like to greet everyone a good start of the beginning of Ber months. We don't notice sometimes that time flies by so fast. I hope that the Ber months will be a better and merrier one for all of us.

Whether you believe with what I wrote in my title, I can say that these days travelling while studying or studying while travelling is already very possible. I want to take this very concrete example given by k alliance wherein they offer various online IT courses for everyone. I also read an article in Reuters.com that K alliance is now a member of CompTIA's Network of Specialized Trainers. To my understanding, this means that K Alliance is getting more competent in providing quality and comprehensive education to everyone, thus making them a member of CompTIA. For your information and if you do not know, K Alliance offers online IT and other computer courses. They have professionals who will assist you online in getting the most of your study.

I am hoping that I can attend an online IT course. I just read last night about a lot of vacancies in IT positions in Europe. Wish me luck guys! if you are also interested to attend online courses like this, feel free to visit K Alliance site. I am also sharing a photo of my England trip last year. This was taken in Yorkshire, one of the cities I visited in England.



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