Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Visit To The Chocolate Factory in Laaber, Bavaria

Good evening to all! I guess this will be my last entry for tonight. I just want to share this post before I totally sign-off and go to sleep earlier. Going to bed at around 12:00 midnight is the earliest time for me to sleep. I guess I am a night owl now. Sometimes I have to read some books or magazines while lying on bed.

Anyway, have you seen the photo I got below? This was taken at the Chocolate factory in Laaber, a small town near our place. This is the nearest factory that I know which is around thirty five minutes drive from where we live. I love eating chocolate candy especially the ones with the nuts. I guess you see how full my is my basket here. Those are mostly chocolates with nuts.

Did you see that small packs that they have on the shelves? As far as I can remember, one pack already cost around five Euros. That was the price since the last time I visited this chocolate factory in 2007. Sorry I forgot to set my camera date here. Since last year, the chocolate prices in Germany went higher compared to 2007 prices. I believed the next time I will visit this factory, their prices are also higher. I guess everybody love chocolates like me and my husband. Sometimes we don't think of the price especially if we want a certain thing...like chocolates maybe?

Just tonight, I found this site that sells candies and chocolates. It is amazing how many kind of brands they carry here. Whether you want kitkat, snickers, m&m, ferrero roche (one of my favorite), Reesee, Nestle and most brands of candies and chocolates, Sugar Stand is a one stop shop for these sweeties! This is a good idea next time. I already know where to find stuffs for my balikbayan boxes! Do you love chocolates too? Go to Sugar Stand now! For your you will have fun shopping candies and chocolates there! I'm finally signing-off! take care everyone!

I guess I'm thinking how to eat all these chocolates..wink!


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

It looks wonderful. I need to stay far far away.

Jane said...

MMMM chocolate, I ahve to say I would think about it too:)have a good night:)


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