Sunday, October 4, 2009

Visit To Windsor Castle in England

Weekend is almost ending! I hope you had a wonderful one! Let's go travel again! I believed I already posted some photos of Windsor Castle before. Don't you know that Windsor castle is the most inhabited castle in the world? Yes, it is! As my friend from London brought me here, I told myself that I will not inside the castle. As I saw the castle from outside, I was truly amazed by it. I decided to go inside and paid for the entrance. It was quite expensive but since I was already there, I already took the chance to see the inside of it. Sad to say taking photos from inside the castle rooms are forbidden. This castle is full of history and is considered to be one of the major tourist attraction in England. Never miss it when you visit this country!

Another highlight for tonight is about austin weight loss. Don't you know that I am trying to lose excess weight until now. As I was shopping inside my closet yesterday, I saw some clothes which doesn't fit to me anymore. I decided to put it inside my Balikbayan box. In fact some of these clothes especially the blouses are not yet worn by me. I hope I can lose some fat before I will go home for vacation. I am still trying.



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