Monday, November 2, 2009

Leaving On a Jet Plane

Did you just read my title guys? I am leaving on a jet plane soon! I finally had my plane ticket last Saturday. I am leaving on the last week of this month to see my family again. Being away from our family is not an easy situation. That is the reason why we need to have a contact with them once in a while by phone or by internet. I know some friends who are using cheap phone cards to call their families back home. I also have a friend from the United States who is using Calling Cards everytime she calls home. It is cheaper compared to regular phone calls. Sometimes you will even get some discounts when using it.

I am happy to be home again after three years of not having a vacation there. I already received messages and emails from my friends asking me when I am going home this year. I am quite excited to see them again. My sister from Las Vegas is also also using prepaid phone Cards when calling to Philippines. She told me that it is very convenient and you save some bucks when using it. She said that for a $10.00 card, you can already talk for around one and a half hour. I also find it very affordable and cheaper compared to using direct landline phone. I just remembered as I called home the first time I stepped in Europe. I did not know about those phone cards before. Imagine paying around 60.00 Euros for a one hour call. That is very expensive. Now I already know what I have to use when calling home. I'm taking a short break now! I guess I am getting a headache again!


Jane said...

Hope you have a safe journey:)

My Life Destiny said...

Hi Ruby, good for ya na u will go back home i'm jelly-jelly but its good to hear . Enjoy and lots of fun.


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