Friday, November 20, 2009

Schlossberg, The Castle Ruins in Hohenfels

I got another picture of Hohenfels. This time I am sharing a picture of the castle remains in Hohenfels. What is visible now is only the tower of Schlossberg, the name of the castle. They also call this castle in German Burg Hohenfels. I went yesterday to the municipal hall in this place to ask for some yellow bags where we put all the plastics for recycling. I also signed the paper soliciting for anti-smoking in Bavaria especially in restaurants, public transportation and other public places. I guess you cannot smoke Avo cigars in any public places once this law will put into effect. I guess it is a long story now if I will write about the anti-smoking campaign in Bavaria. More updates in the weekend. It is time for me to relax in the bath tub now. Have a great weekend everyone!



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