Friday, March 5, 2010

I Spent Halloween in Warwick Castle, England

I had the chance to spent Halloween in Warwick Castle in England last 2008. I am always thankful to my friends who accompanied me in my travel especially in taking my travel pictures. I also would to thank their generosity during my three weeks vacation in England. Finding cheap vacation rentals can be very difficult sometimes. I am lucky to have all friends around the world who offers free accommodation during my travel. I am truly blessed having good friends.

You can see in my background Warwick Castle. To give you a little information about this medieval castle, please continue reading. It is a castle located in Warwick in the county town of Warwickshire. It is located along River Avon. Its construction started last 1068 by William the Conqueror. This castle is full of history and interesting facts. We also had the chance to tour inside it and around the castle. I am hoping to share more pictures next time.


Sunshine and Baba said...

That's Lovely. You are a very lucky girl. Looking forward to more pictures

Vernz said...

Wow, ang sarap naman ng buhay mo .... hahaha!

thanks for dropping by;

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Hilda said...

Must have been an impressive tour with all that history! I hope I catch that future post of yours. :)

pilgrimchick said...

That is an absolutely fabulous place with fascinating history associated with it. What an amazing place to spend Halloween.


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